Project Dress a Girl 2023

Project Dress a Girl 2023

Nothing feels better than helping others with your talented and loving hands, so let's make dresses for little girls living in impoverished conditions. Make sure you catch the kick off video here!

Table of Contents

  1. What is Project Dress a Girl?
  2. How can I get involved?
  3. What are the dress requirements?
  4. What patterns can I use?
  5. Where do I get labels?
  6. How can I donate my dresses?
  7. What events/videos are happening in September?

What is Project Dress A Girl? 

It is a sewing charity event created by Mari Sews that is designed for sewists to use their skills to give back. This event runs the entire month of September. The goal is to dress as many girls as possible that are living in extreme poverty around the world. Last year 2,363 dresses were donated. That’s 2,363 girls! Some of whom have never owned a new garment of their own. We’re giving them dignity and showing them that they matter. 

The word is being spread by many amazing YouTubers who will share their dresses, tips and tricks. Just search YouTube for #ProjectDressAGirl2023 for all the amazing videos. This year Thoughtful Creativity designed a free pattern for this event.

How can I get involved?

Make a dress that fits the requirements, take pictures and post them to Instagram using #ProjectDressAGirl2023 and tag @marisewsforcurves. If you aren’t on Instagram, send an email with your final count to Dresses can be sent to ambassadors the first week of October (until October 7), so you can sew all month long.

What are the dress requirements?

There are several guidelines that you will need to pay attention to.

  • Dresses should slip over the head and be at least knee length. 
  • Use fabrics made of natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, or blends that are not sheer. They may have a knit bodice but must have a woven bottom.Dresses made from pillowcases will not be accepted.
  • Dresses must have at least one pocket.
  • Do not use any fastenings other than fabric or bias tape ties. No functioning buttons, zippers, velcro, snaps, etc. 
  • Sew a label to the front in a visible spot.
  • Make any size from infant to 12.

What patterns can I use?

There are several amazing patterns but here are a couple favorites:

Where do I get labels?

Beginning in September, labels can be purchased from Inspired Leather in small quantities here, or in bulk from

How can I donate my dresses?

Donate your dresses in person at Capital Quilts and get 15% off your fabric/sewing purchase!

Capital Quilts 
15926 Luanne Dr
Gaithersburg, MD 20877


Get your dresses featured in a live Saturday unboxing on Mari Sews, send your dresses to her at :

Mari Sews
P.O. Box 404
Gaithersburg, MD 20884

Or you may donate your dresses to one of the following:


Practical Stitches
Shari Knight
PO Box 51
Debert, Nova Scotia B0M 1G0
Nada Ramsden 


Jacqui Onslow


Arizona (Sedona): Lin

Arizona (Tucson): Carol Johnson

California (South Bay): Diana

Connecticut: Sue Russo

Florida (Jackson): Cindy Bennet

Florida (Orlando): Christine Kraus

Georgia: Noie Craven

Iowa: Rachel Cinader

Kansas: Clarice

Maryland: Marisa Burman

New Mexico: Cam Isbell

Nevada: Kay Coddington

North Carolina: Connie Smith

Ohio (Central): Karen Heath

Ohio (Cincinnati): Judy

Oregon/Washington: Pearl Blackburn

Puerto Rico: Tommie Hernandez

                                                         WhatsApp: (787) 539-7717

What events/videos are taking place?


YT Channel/Event

YT Channel/Event

Sept 1

Kick Off Video by Mari Sews 

Pattern Release by Thoughtful Creativity

Sept 2

Practical Stitches 

In person Sewing at Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg, MD

Sept 3

Sew Chi Designs 

Sept 4

Janine Sews

Sept 5

Today in Jen's Sewing Room

Sept 6

In Agata's Cottage 

Christine Sews A Lot 

Sept 7

Anmaree's Workshop 

Sept 8


TomKat Stitchery

Sept 9

Michelle Sews Again 

Sept 10

Sew Little Time 

Sept 11

Gemini Stitches

Sept 12

Hoosier Handmade 

Sept 13

Handmade by Ying 

Sept 14

Sept 15

Sept 16

Vox Atelier 

Mari Sews Live Unboxing

Sept 17

Adam Sews 

Sept 18

Today in Jen's Sewing Room

Sept 19

Today in Jen's Sewing Room

Sept 20

Today in Jen's Sewing Room

Sept 21

Today in Jen's Sewing Room

Sept 22

Amy of Melbourne 

Sept 23

Mari Sews Live Unboxing

Sept 24

Dizzy Quilts and Sews 

Sept 25

So What If I Sew

Sept 26

Sept 27

Sept 28

Robyn's Love of Sewing

Sewing Up a Storm

Sept 29

Blossom Sandwich 

Sept 30

Sewing Memories 

Mari Sews Live Unboxing